Our Company

Culturity Communications is a young and energetic company driven by passionate and determined people who aim to excel in Digital Media. At Culturity Communications, we strive hard to achieve the targets given by our clients. We cater to our clients’ needs by providing excellent solutions in the Digital space, at the right price. We have a very simple mission in every work that we undertake, viz. to make our clients’ business grow on digital media platforms.

We are an independent media planning and buying agency aiming at specific ethnic groups in Canada. We plan and buy campaigns across all media and help brands, achieve sustained growth across a diverse range of ethnic backgrounds. Besides media planning & buying, we also provide multilingual translation service to our customers. Being an independent media agency specializing in working for specific ethnic groups, we have all the expertise required to convey our message to the audience in the best suitable format and in the most effective words. We work in close integrity with your brand managers and thoroughly understand their point of view, their target audiences’, their sales target and accordingly plan further course of action. We believe in getting a strong message across to our customer in every language that we translate. Because of our strong knowledge about Asian ethnicity, their beliefs and their culture we are one step ahead of the rest of our competitors.